PowerDeck Overview

The PowerDeck™ (formerly Superdeck III™) will lift a 2500 lb load from ground level into your pickup safely.  It will easily load two large motorcycles, quads and UTV’s.

The deck is 58 inches wide and comes in a long bed or short bed version.   The long bed version has a flat deck that is 96” long.  The flat deck on the short bed version is 78”, Both decks have a short beaver tail for easy loading.  When in the pickup, the deck sits just above the pickup wheel wells, keeping the center of gravity low.  There is secure storage under the deck.  The PowerDeck has a steel deck that is powder coated with a high quality zinc primer.   Built to last for commercial or personal use.  Load two motorcycles and still pull a trailer.  Dozens of Harley-Davidson® dealers use the PowerDeck for pickup and delivery of motorcycles.  Commercial towing companies and prefer AmeriDeck for safe ground level, damage free loading.  Load/Unload time is approximately one minute per cycle.


  • Deck Extension
    The PowerDeck™ deck has three extension options.  A 12” or 18 inch standard deck extension for hauling longer loads like Choppers with long extended forks.  Another deck extensnion option is the “Can Am” deck extension.  This unit is wider than the standard deck for easier loading of wide wheel base CanAm’s.