The DumpDeck™ (formerly known as the Choremaster™) has the same 2500lb lift arm as the PowerDeck.  It’s a good light duty dump bed that is great for landscapers.

In addition to the new adjustable base fitting most class 2-3 pickup trucks, you’ll begin to see some changes made to the decks to provide an even greater operator experience.
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With the detachable deck you can drop the box on job site and pick it up later like a drop box. Load several beds for specific jobs and leave each DumpDeck™ at the job site. Several companies are using the DumpDeck for light duty concrete mixer job site washouts.

Landscapers purchase a single lift arm and multiple decks so they can drop a box at each job site reducing the need for additional vehicles and the associated costs. Unlike a trailer, a pickup with a DumpDeck™ is easier to maneuver in tight spaces and takes less experience to drive.  Also, you can leave the DumpDeck™ on the job site with little worry of it being stolen.

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  • The PowerDeck™ & DumpDeck™ deck extension is available in various lengths for longer loads and equipment and has a easy load beaver tail.
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  • More about the innovative AmeriDeck Hydraulic Loading System.  When your standard pickup is equipped with AmeriDeck™ lift arm, you can use one of the detachable or custom, built to order decks. The AmeriDeck™ loading system can lift up to 2,500 lbs. of equipment or product loads for simple, safe ground loading.
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The PowerDeck features more tie-down locations. There has also been an update to the extendable tie-down brackets and extendable tie-down brackets and improved extension designs for lighter and more cost-effective deck lengthening.
The DumpDeck features a removable tailgate design and extendable wheel bars, as well as heavier D-Rings.
Use the DumpDeck™ in the summer for typical landscaping needs and in the winter to move snow removal equipment and salt spreaders. The versatility of using the AmeriDeck™ lift arm with multiple beds & boxes reduce the need for additional vehicles.


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